How do I become a Scentsy Consultant?!

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Whether you are looking to make extra income for your family, saving up for vacation, have a special goal that your family is working towards, OR you are looking for a life-long work-from-home career – becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant is the perfect opportunity for you!


S: Safe!

Scentsy uses the heat of a lightbulb (15- to 25-watt) to melt wax and release fragrance.  The melting temperature of our wax is around 120-degrees F.  Our wax will not burn if the accidental spill is to occur.  Unlike wick-candles, Scentsy wax does not evaporate into the air.  When you burn a wick-candle, where does all that wax disappear to?!  It’s not really disappearing at all – it’s evaporating into the air that you, your family, and your children breath – scary, right?!

C: Contained!

Scentsy warmers contain wax to a single warmer lid.  Ready to change out your wax, or need a new scent?  Simply let your wax warm for a few minutes, then swipe a silicone spatula along the side of the wax – popping it out in one piece!  Want to change your wax fast and using a Plug-In warmer?  Toss a couple of cotton balls into the fully melted wax, and watch as it disappears!  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

E: Everyone loves a great scent!

It can’t be denied – perfumes and colognes have been around for ages.  AND, so have candles for in-home fragrance.  With Scentsy, consumers are able to choose from over 80 different fragrances for their wax, over 200 warmer designs, and even personal care fragrance with the Layers product line!  Man, woman, child – there’s a Scentsy product for everyone at any age!  Our Scentsy Buddies are perfect for those little ones who love to tote around a constant companion, and a Scent Pak will help that Buddy smell great even when it’s time for a wash!

N: No Flame!

Have you ever left your house and worried about accidentally leaving a candle burning?!  Worry no more!  Scentsy Warmers are just as safe to leave on as your living room lamp!  One more awesome thing, if you are like me and like to have your warmer elevated, there are four beautiful Warmer Stands – available in Round and Square!

T: Tested!

US & Canada: All Scentsy Warmers are certified by an OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to comply with the published electrical safety standards for both the US and Canada. All of Scentsy’s Full-Sized and Mid-sized warmers have been tested for electrical safety and listed as compliant as complete products by MET (MET Testing Laboratories) for both the US and Canadian standards. Scentsy Plug-in warmers have been tested and certified to US and Canadian standards by Intertek (ETL). The MET and ETL marks on our products should provide full confidence in the safety of our warmers, as each agency operate as an OSHA NRTL in the US, testing to national electrical codes, just as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) does. Safety testing takes into consideration foreseeable use and operating conditions. The listing also ensures that product information includes adequate instructions for the safe use of the product. All of our warmers are tested and proven for safe operation within the parameters outlined in the product instruction sheet.

EU: All of Scentsy’s electrical products are CE certified. This certifies that a product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensure consumer safety. Manufacturers that distribute products in the European Union (EU) and abroad must meet applicable CE marking requirements in order to market and sell their products in Europe. The CE marking on Scentsy products certifies our
compliance with these safety standards. All of our warmers are tested and proven for safe operation within the parameters outlined in the product instruction sheet.

S: Starter Kit!

For only $99 US (+ shipping/sales tax) you will receive EVERYTHING you need to get your Scentsy business up and running! [International pricing is also available.]


From the minute you join, your personal Independent Scentsy Consultant website will be live, and orders can start pouring in!  Of course, first things first – I will work with you to set-up your Launch Party!

Y: YOU are your own BOSS!

If you choose to join my team, I’ll be your personal Sponsor, helping you every step of the way. Need to take a day or week off, no problem! With Scentsy, you are always your own boss and you own your business! Whether you want to book in-home parties one day per week, or you’d rather book a few parties per month, and even take your business to vendor events – Scentsy is flexible!

You’ll also receive plenty of support from Scentsy, including a free website for three months — and only $10 (USD) per month after that — a free online Workstation to organize and run your business, free credit card processing, and free shipping on orders of $150 or more!

In addition to all of the Scentsy provided support, my amazing team – Global LumineScents – also has a support group on Facebook!  Each day you’ll receive updates and Scentsy news as soon as it is released, as well as trainings and around the clock support!

Need more information? Contact me today!  Ready to join?! Head on over to and I’ll be in touch with you shortly!

Join my Scentsy team by Feb 28th to receive an Enhanced Starter Kit!

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Join My Team

Whether you have been contemplating joining Scentsy for a while now, or you are just starting to consider the great opportunities offered with Scentsy, NOW is the time to join team Global LumineScents and start your Scentsy Success Story!

Scentsy offers flexibility for your schedule, plus unlimited potential for growth!  If you work full-time and are just looking for extra income on the side, Scentsy is perfect for you – work your Scentsy business on the evenings and weekends, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!  Or, maybe you are looking to work your Scentsy business full-time, devoting your week – or maybe even during school hours while the kids are away!  Moral of the story: Scentsy is perfect for anyone looking for a great way to spend time with others, make new friends, and earn income while doing so!

AND, through February 28th, you can join Scentsy for $99USD($119CAN/£85)* and receive an Enhanced Starter Kit!  Not only will your Starter Kit include the normal array of Scentsy products and business materials, it will also include a transition set of Spring/Summer Testers and Spring/Summer Catalogs!  These Spring/Summer transition items will help you seamlessly take your business from the Fall/Winter catalog season (which ends February 28th) into the Spring/Summer catalog season (which begins March 1st)!

Are you ready to get your new Scentsy business off to a great start?  Click here to join my team, or contact me for more information!

Valentine Gift Ideas – Scentsy Style!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Still on the hunt for that perfect Valentine gift?  Look no further, I’ve got the Scentsy Solution!


Let *her* choose what she likes by purchasing a Scentsy Gift Certificate!


Pamper her with Layers by Scentsy!  A girl can never have enough smell-goods for herself!


Who ever said you could have enough Scentsy warmers?!  Give her a Scentsy Companion System with a new Full-Size Warmer, a Plug-In Warmer, and three Scentsy Bars to spread the fragrance love!


Since she loves Scentsy SO much, the gift of a Scentsy Starter Kit will make this the ultimate Valentine’s Day!  Show her how much you support her with her new business venture – PLUS all new consultants who join in February will receive a Super Starter Kit with two season’s worth of testers and catalogs!  For only $99 USD (plus shipping & taxes), she will be on her way to success!

February is the BEST month to become part of our Scentsy Family! EXTRA kit items – still only $99!

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If you’ve been on the fence about joining Scentsy – and you absolutely love our products – now is the perfect time for you to take the leap and start your Scentsy Journey!

During the month of February, not only will New Consultants get the usual contents in their Starter Kits, but will ALSO receive the new Spring/Summer 2013 Testers AND Catalogs!  That makes your starter kit worth over $250; but you are still only paying $99 (plus shipping & sales tax)!  PLUS, with February’s 10% off sale – what better time to get your party on and start sales off right?!

I would love to sponsor, mentor, and lead you through your Scentsy Journey!  My amazing team, Global LumineScents, is spread across the entire globe – it doesn’t matter whether you live in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, or Ireland – you can become the newest member of our huge family and you’ll receive the same support and guidance that *everyone* in our family (yes, we consider our team a family!) receives as well!

Here’s a sneak peek at our starter kit contents:

Fall/Winter 2012 Starter Kit

Fall/Winter 2012 Starter Kit

You will be receiving some amazing products and business supplies!  Here’s a quick run-down of the entire contents of your “Double Up” Starter Kit:

Demonstration Products

Party Testers (1 Full Set)Spring/Summer Party Testers Transition Set (DOUBLE UP ITEM)
Full-Size Scentsy Warmer
Scentsy Bar
Baby Scentsy Buddy (SOE
Scent Pak
Layers Products (2 different products subject to change)
Welcome Letter
Light Bulbs (1 of each size)
Clear Party Bags

Business Supplies

New Consultant Start-Up Guide
Fall/Winter 2012 Scentsy Catalogs (50; these are good through February 28th)
Spring/Summer 2013 Scentsy Catalogs (50; DOUBLE UP ITEM!; ordering from these starts March 1st)
Print-Your-Own Business Cards (100)
Party Invitations (100)
Order Forms (100)
Host Envelopes (5)
Host/Join Brochures (25)
Discover Scentsy DVD

AND you’ll receive immediate training, access to our team’s private Facebook Group, plus 24/7 support!

So, what are you waiting for?!  If you’re the next Global LumineScent, contact me or join right away for only $99 by clicking HERE!

I can’t wait to get you on the track to Scentsy Success!

<3 Always,


Start your Scentsy business today & get a Super Start on 2013!

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Scentsy always takes care of their Consultants very well – including offering two different Start-Up rewards/incentives for New Consultants.  Now, Scentsy has gone above and beyond – in an effort to offer an EXTRA reward to New AND Existing Consultants alike!  For the first 70 days of 2013, any New or Existing Consultant who reaches any of the three Scentsational Start levels will earn decorative pieces that match either the Roma or Strata Scentsy Warmers!SuperStart2013

Ready to get your Scentsy business started? I’d be honored to mentor you and to help you build your business as much as your heart desires! You’ll be joining an amazing international team – Global LumineScents – with Scentsy Family all across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, offering 24/7 support and training! Click HERE to join and let’s get your 2013 off to a Super Start!