Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10! Show your appreciation with Scentsy’s Big Apple warmer!

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Big Apple

Just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week 2013, Scentsy has delivered the PERFECT warmer for any educator’s desk!  The brand new Big Apple warmer is a three-piece warmer with amazing, hand-painted details. Topped with a pair of glossy green leaves, it looks so good you might be tempted to take a bite!

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, a parent (or all of the above) you know that teachers work tirelessly to help shape our future. Show your appreciation and gift the Big Apple to your favorite teacher this year! Who is your favorite teacher and why? Leave me a comment below – let’s show the appreciation that all of our teachers deserve!

Order the Big Apple warmer by clicking HERE or visit AmberRose.Scentsy.us and search for “Big Apple”!

*Big Apple is available for a 10% off through April 30th – so order soon for only $31.50. Price will be $35.00 starting May 1st.

It’s a Darling Double Deal! BOGO Scentsy Solid Perfume during February! <3

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Do you start your morning with a spray or dab of perfume?! Have I got a deal for you this month!

Scentsy Layers Solid Perfume is now Buy One, Get One FREE for the month of February!  This Darling Double Deal allows you to choose one free Solid Perfume when you purchase one at full price – awesome, right?!

Best of all – Scentsy Solid Perfume is in a stick, so you can even throw it in your purse or bag for a quick “pick me up” during the middle of the day!  No more worrying about a perfume bottle leaking – your valuables are safe with our Solid Perfume!

Did I mention that this comes in 20 of your favorite Scentsy fragrances?!  That’s enough to change-up your fragrance signature almost each day of the month – at least once every work day 😉  Of course, this totally depends on your mood – but with the new BOGO deal, why not take a leap and try something new! 😀

Ready to order? Click the banner above or click HERE!

Happy February 1st!

January Warmer of the Month: Be Mine! 10% off all month long! #Scentsy

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Be Mine is a radiant, patent red warmer featuring a sparkling stunner of a bejeweled heart.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, the Be Mine warmer will compliment any rose bouquet or chocolate gift – or how about an engagement ring?! Be sure to order your Be Mine warmer in January for 10% off, and be ready for a February filled with love!

Be Mine Warmer: $35.00  $31.50  Buy Online Now!

February 2013 Scentsy Scent & Warmer of the Month! #Peach #EasterEgg

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EasterEggFebruary2013 FebruarySOTM2013

Are you as excited about the Easter Egg Warmer and Posy Peach as I am?!  I’m accepting Pre-Orders starting right away!  I don’t want anyone to have to wait until the Easter Egg is sold out – if you place your Pre-Order today, your warmer will be ordered on February 1st!  You may contact me for more information!  [Pre-Order is your request to order the Warmer on the release date. Payment will be processed/gathered at the time of order processing.]

Our Shining #Scentsy Family! We’d love to add you! [UPDATES!]

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[UPDATE: August 20, 2012]

Last week I published this original blog post – and in just the past 5 days we have welcomed 6 more consultants into our amazing Scentsy Team family!

The feeling that I have each morning, waking up to messages, emails, and texts from everyone on my team makes me believe that we truely are one extended sisterhood/family – and we all are here to support one another through it all!

This time I would like to welcome Faith (North Carolina), Amanda J. (UK), Lacey (Ontario, Canada), Bridgette (Kansas), Emily (UK), and Stephanie (UK) to our family!  Faith, Lacey, and Bridgette make up my immediate tree branch, while Amanda J., Stephanie, and Emily are new buds from Ali’s tree branch!

Our whole team is excited to be welcoming new consultants – and we are glad that we have such strong bonds!  If you have been thinking of joining the Scentsy Family, and are looking for a great team to join, we would love to welcome you!  Please send me an email at amber@spotlightet.com or visit my website at https://AmberRose.scentsy.us/Join for all of the information on joining us!  Don’t forget – only 11 days left to sign up and receive your Double Up Starter Kit that includes both the Spring/Summer AND Fall/Winter Catalogs and Testers!


Over the past few months, I have really come to realize how *important* it is to make sure you have a team where every single member will support the others!  So, as I was observing other teams and how they work, I knew that I just had to have some GREAT consultants join me – and together we would be able to accomplish anything!

I’m thrilled to say that, with absolutely no doubt, I have an AMAZING team of consultants – and we are constantly welcoming more family members to the mix!  Each consultant on our team has a passion for Scentsy – not only for the great scents that we have to share, but for the safety and simplicity of our products!

So far, during the month of August, we have already welcomed  FOUR new consultants to our team – with quite a few ready to join us within the next few days!

I would like to welcome Amanda S. (Wisconsin), Ali (United Kingdom), Whitney (California), and Lauren (Scotland) to our wonderful Scentsy family!  Amanda, Ali, and Whitney make up my immediate family tree branch, and Lauren is a brand new bud from Ali’s tree branch!

We all have a team goal to provide excellent products, along with excellent customer service, to everyone who comes in contact with us and our Scentsy Family products!  Whether it be Scentsy Fragrance, Grace Adele, or Velata – you can depend on our team to take care of you!

Don’t forget – it’s already August 15th – and that means we are coming closer to the end of our Transition Starter Kits for new Scentsy consultants!  If you have been thinking of joining – or if you spend more than $100 on Scentsy products for yourself each year – this is a great time to start!  Please feel free to email me or visit AmberRose.Scentsy.us/Join for more information!  You are welcome to join one, two, or all THREE Scentsy Family brands as a new Consultant 😀