Glitter, Zebra, and Camo – oh my! Scentsy’s Fall/Winter Catalog will have you doing flips!

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Have you been waiting for the new Fall/Winter Scentsy Catalog?! Take a look at these three new Warmer designs – there’s sure to be one you love!


NEW for 2013!
Lampshade Collection
Cast a dramatic glow with the Lampshade Collection. Stunning and colorful hand-blown glass vases rest on antiqued warmer bases, projecting lustrous patters and warm rays. Every Lampshade Collection Warmer is exquisitely crafted to shine a whole new light on your personal fragrance experience.


NEW for 2013
Mossy Oak Break-Up
Stealthily stylish, our first licensed camo warmer blends in with any man cave. Featuring Mossy Oak’s Break-Up pattern of interwoven leaves, acorns, and branches.


NEW for 2013!
Black Zebra
A dramatic take on traditional zebra, this all-black warmer showcases contrasting shiny and matte stripes.