Join Scentsy and become one of the first consultants in Australia!

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Enrollment is now OPEN!

Join Scentsy team Global LumineScents today by visiting , select Australia as your country, and follow the online instructions for completing your enrollment process.  I’m available through Facebook, email, iMessage and I’m here for any questions that you have while enrolling!

Once your enrollment is complete, I’ll be sending you an email with important information and we’ll get your training started!

Joining Scentsy can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! As an Independent Scentsy Consultant, you will have the opportunity to earn extra income while enjoying flexible schedules and the satisfaction of the people connection with products you create.
The Scentsy Starter Kit for Australia is $139 (AUD). This kit is based on the contents of the current United States Starter Kit and will include approximately the same items. You will receive everything you need to get your business already underway: products, business supplies and a free website for three months!

When you join my team, Global LumineScents, you will receive immediate training and personal support. You can be proud to say Amber Rose (that’s me!) is your Scentsy Sponsor and Mentor!

If you want more information on how to become one of the first consultants in Australia, please send to me an email or message by clicking here!


Welcome to Australia, Scentsy Fragrance!

Q. How do new Consultants join team Global LumineScents?

A: New Consultants can enroll on September 2nd, 2013, starting at 5am by visiting and selecting “AUSTRALIA” from the drop-down menu.
This online enrollment system will walk you through each step, but you are also welcome to contact me or +1(208)226-4370 if you need any help at all!
Once you are enrolled, please make a note of your Consultant ID.  I will get in touch with you as soon as your information shows up on my end, and we will immediately begin your training.  Sales may start immediately in-person and through your Scentsy Personal Website.

Q. How much do Starter Kits cost for new Consultants in Australia?

A: The Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit for Australia is $139 (AUD).  This kit is based on the contents of the current USA Starter Kit, and will include roughly the same items.  You will receive everything you need to get your business up and running: products, business supplies, and a free website for three months!

Q. What training resources will be available for new Consultants in Australia?

A: Training will be provided both through Team Global LumineScents and through Scentsy Home Office.  Amber Rose will be scheduling one-on-one and team trainings for all new Consultants in Australia as they enroll.  There will also be a welcome meeting in Australia sometime in the near future.  More information on the welcome meeting will be made available soon.

Q. Where will products ship from?

A: Scentsy will ship all products to our Australian Consultants and customers in Australia from a shipping warehouse within Australia.  Our policy to ship all orders within 10 business days from the order date will extend to Australia.

Q. I’m ready to receive more information and start training, so I can join on September 1st! How do I contact you?

A: I am excited to help you take advantage of the amazing opportunities offered through the Scentsy Family!  Please email me and add me as a friend on Facebook so we can get to know each other.  I will also send you a packet full of even more important information!



Want to get more information at Scentsy’s Open House Meetings?

Stop by one of these locations to see products, get a feel for the Starter Kit, pick up a catalogue, and ask questions!

Sydney Tuesday September 3 noon – 3pm. Stamford Plaza, Corner of Robey & O’Riordan Sts, Mascot, Sydney.

Melbourne Wednesday September 4 noon – 3pm. Hotel Bruce County, 445 Blackburn Rd, Mt Waverley.

Brisbane Thursday September 5 noon – 3pm. Novotel Brisbane, 200 Creek St, Brisbane

If your location isn’t listed, don’t worry! More Open Houses will be scheduled as time allows!



Scentsy has a Global Compensation Plan that allows you to recruit in any country Scentsy has a presence. The Plan operates on a Global Point System that creates an equal selling and compensation environment for every Consultant wherever you live or build a downline.

Our Global Point System is called Personal Retail Volume (PRV). The PRV of every product is the same in every country. For example, the PRV of a full-size Warmer is 30, the PRV of a premium Warmer is 35, the PRV of a Bar is 5.

The price and tax our customers pay differs from country to country. In Australia a full-size Warmer sells $43 including GST, a premium Warmer for $50 including GST and a bar for $7 including GST.

Your commission on your sales will be based on *20-25% of your monthly PRV *depending on your Rank. Scentsy calculates Consultant commissions by using a Peg Rate that converts PRV to local currency. The Peg Rate is the difference between the sale price before GST and the global PRV, not the currency exchange rate. The peg rate for Australia is 1.3.

Here are two examples of how your commissions are calculated:
You are an Escential Consultant and sold 300 PRV in September. Your commission calculation would be 300 x 20% x 1.3 and you would be paid $78.
When you become a Certified Consultant your commission increases to 25%. Therefore your commission calculation would be 300 x 25% x 1.3 and you would be paid $97.50.



All new Consultants will first need to apply for a free ABN, before completing enrollment at  Applying for an ABN is a free, simple, online process that you can complete within a matter of minutes.  For complete details on apply for your ABN, please click HERE. (a PDF document will open)



Here is an overview on the shipping time frames you can expect.  Next day for most big cities, and no more than 3-4 days for almost all of Australia!

Shipping Times Australia




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