Customer Testimonials!

ThankYouBarWant to know what my customers think of my service and why they choose me as their Scentsy Consultant?  This is where you’ll find all of that information!  Read through the comments below!

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I wouldn’t be able to do what I love without amazing and supportive friends and customers!

Amber Rose - Independent Scentsy Family Director

7 thoughts on “Customer Testimonials!

  1. I have never had any Scentsy warmers until I met you and now I have 5 warmers and 1 plug ins and I am loving them all. I will keep ordering from you and hoping one day I will also sell under you

  2. I met Amber on Twitter and she has been my Scentsy consultant ever since. She knows the true meaning of customer service. Sweetest girl I have ever dealt with and really cares about her customers. Scentsy is an amazing product I have 5 warmers and a bunch of different waxes. Favorite scent..Blueberry Cheesecake 🙂

  3. Amber truly knows how to take care of her Scentsy customers! She is always keeping us updated through her website and Twitter account with everything from specials and deals to new scents and products. It’s really exciting how she randomly sends out samples to test, and I also appreciate the extra time she takes to personally let me know about the shipping confirmation of my orders. I love Scentsy and Amber is by far the best consultant I have ever come across!

  4. I had ordered Scentsy twice before I met Amber through Twitter, and I can say their customer service is not even CLOSE. She responds quickly to any inquires you may have, and is so helpful! You can really tell that she enjoys the product and taking care of her customers.

  5. I also met Amber on Twitter. She responded promptly to my request for samples. I have used Scentsy for several years now and will never use another candle ever. Scentsy is safe and the longest lasting fragrance of all the wax melts out there. Amber is the most efficient and helpful rep I have experienced. She answers my questions quickly and ships my products with care and in a timely manner.

  6. I met Amber via Twitter and she has been the best scents consultant to deal with! Not pushy and won’t pressure you into buy things. Well informed about products and provided great suggestions based on what I was looking for. She kept me informed of my order status and even included a coupon for my next purchase! Thanks Amber! 🙂

  7. Amber is not only a wonderful consultant, but she’s an amazing person – and after what I went through before she found me on Twitter, she’s a breath of fresh, Scentsy-scented air! lol.
    I couldn’t ask for better customer service, or a more friendly and genuine consultant. She truly cares about her customers, and doesn’t leave one questioning her true motives.