Scentsy Baseball Warmers

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Batter up!

This baseball season, support YOUR favorite professional team with a brand new Scentsy Baseball Cap Element Warmer!

Each Scentsy Baseball warmer comes with a Lifetime Warranty against all manufacture defects. Because these Scentsy Baseball warmers are Element Warmers, there is no lightbulb to change, AND your warmer will work for as long as you own it – guaranteed!

Click on your favorite team below to order:

Boston Red Sox Scentsy Warmer


Chicago Cubs Scentsy Warmer


Los Angeles Dodgers Scentsy Warmer

Los Angeles

New York Yankees Scentsy Warmer

New York

St Louis Cardinals Scentsy Warmer

St. Louis

Toronto Blue Jays Scentsy Warmer



Scentsy Bring Back My Bar Red Carpet Voting

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It’s time to give the people what they want! Bring Back My Bar is back, Scentsy fans — and this season it’s better than ever. Here’s the scoop: You have just one week, April 1-7, 2015, to nominate your favorite retired fragrances for Bring Back My Bar: Red Carpet Rollout. It’s up to you to decide which 20 scents will strut all the way to Scentsy stardom. The fragrances with the most votes will be available to purchase for one month only beginning June 1!

CLICK HERE to vote now!

Bunny Bear Scentsy Buddy

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Bunny Bear Scentsy Buddy


Click below to order:


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Drift off to dreamland hugging your favorite teddy oh-so tight. Bunny Bear is dressed in his coziest PJs – he’s ready to tuck in for lights out! After all, bedtime is always best with a fuzzy friend to snuggle.

As soon as Bunny Bear sells out, a new limited-edition Scentsy Buddy will take his place. Contact me or visit my website for the latest list of available buddies.

Put his bunny hood up OR down!

$25 (includes a Scent Pak of your choice)
*Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance.


Amber Rose - Independent Scentsy Family Director


Supersize Scentsy Starter Kit

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Supersize Scentsy Starter Kit

It’s YOUR time to shine!

Whether you are fulfilling a New Years Resolution to become debt free, want to quit your office job to work from home, want a fun hobby on the side, or you want to snag a Scentsy Starter Kit for fun, NOW is the time to join Team Global LumineScents!

During February 2015, not only will you receive the Fall/Winter 2014 Catalogs and tester set in your Scentsy Starter Kit, you’ll also get Spring/Summer Catalogs and transition testers at no additional cost! What does this mean for you? You won’t have to reinvest in your business for the new season – everything you need is included!

Are you ready to get your new Scentsy business off to a great start?  Click HERE to join my team, or contact me for more information!

Get to know me, your Scentsy sponsor, by reading my story HERE!

Earn all-expense-paid trips to amazing destinations!

Join Scentsy

Once you’ve started your journey, you will receive an email from me right away with details on getting your business off to a running start – and you’ll also have access to our private Team Group on Facebook, where you can turn to for advice, help, and family!

Amber Rose - Independent Scentsy Family Director

Lulu the Lamb Scentsy Buddy

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Lulu The Lamb Scentsy Buddy

Lulu the Lamb is ready to meet you!

Click to Buy Now!

I’m SUPER excited to welcome our newest Scentsy Buddy, the shear-ly delightful Lulu the Lamb!

This lovable lamb is available beginning February 1 for a limited-time only. As with all our Scentsy Buddies, Lulu comes with your favorite Scent Pak fragrance for $25 USD/$30 CAD.

Our limited-edition Scentsy Buddies are available only while supplies last and may sell out well before the end of a catalog season, so CLICK HERE to order yours today!

*Scentsy Buddies are not available at a discount during the February 2015 sale.

Amber Rose - Independent Scentsy Family Director




Lulu Lamb Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy New Zealand

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Join Scentsy in New Zealand

I am thrilled to welcome New Zealand to Scentsy!

If you’re looking for a Ground-Floor Direct Sales Opportunity, you’ve found it! Below I’ve included important information on being a Scentsy Consultant in New Zealand, and I’m always happy to chat with you for more info!

When you’re ready to join, simply click!

Compensation Plan:

Scentsy runs on a Global Compensation Plan. The Scentsy Compensation Plan offers commissions based on your Personal Retail Volume (PRV) along with leadership bonuses as you build your team.

As a new Scentsy Consultant, you will earn 20 percent commission on your PRV. As soon as you earn a cumulative total of 1,000 points in PRV, you will be promoted to the rank of Certified Consultant and begin earning a 25 percent commission. That’s a 5 percent raise you can earn right away!

In addition to your base commission, there are plenty of opportunities to earn sales and leadership bonuses – we can discuss those during your training!

Scentsy Compensation Plan

Enrollment is NOW OPEN! Contact me today to begin your Scentsy journey, or JOIN right away on my website at! Simply select New Zealand from the drop-down country option, and follow the steps!

Amber Rose - Independent Scentsy Family Director




P.S. Don’t forget to add me on Facebook at! [Click]


P.P.S. Here’s a little more info for you!

New Zealand Host Rewards Chart:

Guest sales $275-$499 $450-$724 $725-$1,799 $1,800+
Free product 10% 10% 15% 15%
Half-price items 1 2 3 4

New Zealand Shipping Chart:

New Zealand   Workstation
Minimum Maximum Shipping charge
Individual order $0.01 $59.99 $12
$60 $274.99 20 percent
Party order $275 Unlimited 10 percent
Party order – Direct ship* $0.01 $59.99 $12
$60 Unlimited 20 percent
Scentsy Family Store order $0.01 $74.99 $15
$75 Unlimited 10 percent
New Zealand   Personal Website (PWS)
Minimum Maximum Shipping charge
PWS order $0.01 $74.99 $15
$75 $274.99 20 percent
$275 Unlimited 10 percent
PWS order attached to a party $0.01 $74.99 $15
$75 Unlimited 20 percent

*Orders sent directly to a customer instead of to the primary shipping address chosen by the Consultant.

All shipping charges are GST inclusive.