Scentsy Custom Gifts – perfect for weddings, schools, corporate gifts and more!

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Have you been looking for that perfect corporate gift, school fundraising opportunity, wedding table centerpiece/gift, family reunion memento, or customer appreciation token?  I’ve got the perfect solution for you – Scentsy Custom Gifts!


Custom Gifts That Last

Scentsy Custom Gifts provide a personal touch and lasting impact for your customers, employees, family members, or others who make a difference in your life.

When you give a Scentsy Custom Gifts Warmer with your company logo or family design, you’re showing you care enough to present a gift that’s custom-made and adds lasting value to any home or office. Your custom image is produced on a magnetic glass plate that attaches easily to the sleek warmer, where a light bulb inside lights up the image.




  • Show appreciation to customers and employees for their contributions.
  • Celebrate company milestones and anniversaries.


  • Commemorate special events like family reunions and weddings.
  • Give one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts.


  • Raise money for schools, churches, sports teams, or any organization.
  • Collect funds and raise awareness for local charities and important causes.

Scentsy also offers beautiful pre-made art frames as an alternative to custom frames. Each beautiful design is like adding a little piece of artwork to any home or office.

Of course, a Scentsy Warmer wouldn’t be complete without a memorable Scentsy fragrance. Each Scentsy Custom Gifts Bundle comes with a choice of one of three messaged Scentsy Bars: Thank You, Enjoy!, or Happy Holidays. You’ll also receive a gift bag and a bow with each warmer, frame, and bar so you can delivery a beautifully packaged gift.

Order Your Scentsy Custom Gifts Today

(Online starting August 1, 2013 – you may contact me to pre-order)

When you’re ready to order, get in touch with me or just follow the steps below.

Go to my website

You’ll be guided through a few simple steps:

STEP 1: Select your products.

STEP 2: Create your account.

STEP 3: Upload your custom image* or choose from one of three art frames.

STEP 4: Provide your payment information.

STEP 5: Approve final frame art** and complete your order.***

Don’t have artwork? Not a problem. You can choose one of three beautifully crafted art frames. Each frame features a Vincent van Gogh painting that will add color to any room or office.


*Must be an Adobe Illustrator .ai file, with Pantone colors identified.
**If you order a custom frame, you’ll receive an email containing a final frame art proof. Simply click the button in the email to approve the art and complete the order.
***Please note: if you have a custom frame art produced and don’t approve and complete the order, you will be charged a $100 (USD)/$120 (CAD) fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of file does my custom image need to be?
An Adobe Illustrator .ai file. An .ai file is a scalable, digital format created in Adobe Illustrator software. It can be enlarged or reduced without losing quality or impacting design.

Don’t have your art or logo in an .ai format?
I can convert your file to an .ai file, please contact me for assistance!

What are Pantone colors?
Pantone is a popular color matching system used by the printing industry to print colors accurately on any equipment. Each color has a unique number.

Can I buy just custom frames?
No. To simplify ordering, Scentsy Custom Gifts are only available in bundles that include warmers, frames, bars, bags, and bows.

Why can I only increase quantities in increments of 12?
Order quantities start with a minimum of 24 and may be increased in multiples of 12 to speed production and delivery of Scentsy Custom Gifts.


Order Screen

Ordering is easy; just select your warmer, frame type, bar, and quantity.


Scentsy Custom Gifts Bundle
$50 (USD)/$60 (CAD)




1 Custom Gifts Warmer in Sleek Black or Sleek White






1 Custom Gifts Frame or art frame





1 Scentsy Bar created exclusively for Custom Gifts. Choose from: Thank You, Enjoy!, or Happy Holidays.

1 Clear Gift Bag and Bow with wrapping instructions.


Minimum order quantity is only 24, with quantity increases in multiples of 12.

Delivery: Scentsy custom gifts will arrive approximately 30 days after completing the order.



Your Custom Gifts Frame snaps easily into the metal border of the Scentsy Custom Gifts Warmer and is held in place by magnets.



I am excited to be able to offer this great product to you! Please contact me for further information and to start planning for the upcoming gifting season – the contact form below is provided for your convenience!

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    • I’m happy to say that no, we do not have a set-up fee on top of the cost of the warmers. When you create an account and submit your design at, a $100 down-payment will be charged to the credit or debit card provided. Once you have received a reply from our graphic artists, review, and approve your design, the remainder of payment for the order will be charged to the same credit or debit card.

      I sent you an email in regards to Custom Gifts and look forward to speaking with you soon!