Scentsy Cyber Monday Specials

Scentsy Cyber Monday

Tired of waiting in long lines?  Great news, there are no lines during my Scentsy Cyber Monday Sale!  BUT, the offers are so amazing this year, I can’t even post them online!  That’s okay, though.  Email me right away at or fill out the contact form below to request the juicy details for my Scentsy Cyber Monday Specials – you don’t want to miss out!  Whether you’ve been waiting for a great sale on a Scentsy Essential Oil Diffuser, multiple Scentsy Warmers, refills on Scentsy Bars, or just gifts for everyone on your list – my Scentsy Cyber Monday Sale will cover it all!  You won’t see deals this great on Scentsy for at least another year!

Scentsy Cyber Monday Specials REQUEST