ATTN: Realtors AND Sellers ~ Scentsy fragrances sell!

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So, you’re ready to sell your house – but what about that stale smell, cleaning product smell, or the lack of smell all together?

I’ve got a Scentsy solution to take your home from THIS:


….in no time flat!

Creating a welcoming, at-home feeling when potential buyers walk-through your house is incredibly essential to closing the deal.  And, what are some of the best scents to make you feel right at-home?  Baked smells!

Scentsy’s Corner Cafe Collection of fragrances are all equally inviting and create a great sense of comfort the moment a potential buyer walks in the door.  To create that first impression, place a Premium Scentsy Warmer in the room closest to the front door.  Place one or two cubes of a Scentsy Corner Cafe Collection fragrance Bar into your Warmer, and turn it on.  Be sure to replace the wax after the house has been shown two or three times with the same cubes, as scent will dissipate and the effects will be lost.  (I also highly recommend the Sugar Cookie Scentsy Bar which can be found in our Favorites collection.)

But what about the other rooms in your house?  There are also perfect Scentsy fragrances and products to make the rest of your home just as inviting as the first.

Laundry Room: By placing a small wall Plug-In Scentsy Warmer in your Laundry Room, and by using one cube of the Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar, you are able to create the sense of fresh-washed laundry – and who doesn’t LOVE clean laundry?!  A Plug-In Warmer is perfect for small spaces and can be plugged in anywhere, making it easily accessible.

Bathroom: Sometimes, the bathroom can be one of the hardest places to fit a Scentsy Warmer.  But, there’s no need for a Warmer when you have Scentsy Room Spray on hand!  Just one spray will fill an entire room with Scentsy fragrance, but I recommend using TWO sprays of Luna Room Spray right before leaving the house, be sure to close the bathroom door behind you!  This will trap the fresh scent in the bathroom, and your potential buyers will be very pleased!

Bedrooms:  Okay, so having a Warmer in every room in your house is probably over-doing it, however, Scentsy Buddies make GREAT pillow toppers – and also offer scent for your room!  Choose a Buddy that matches the room’s decor, place your favorite Scent Pack in the zippered pouch, and place on a neatly made bed.  For an extra boost of scent, use one spray of Room Spray in the same scent as your Buddy‘s Scent Pak!  And, if you just aren’t into the whole “stuffed animal” thing, you can forgo the Buddy and just place a Scent Pak on your neatly made bed – it’s a colorful little scent-filled satchel that everyone will love!

Basement:  The basement – sometimes this is a journey into a deep, dark abyss, just aching for some Scentsy love.  Freshen up your basement with a Premium OR Deluxe Scentsy Warmer and a time-tested scent from the Scentsy Favorites collection!  These 20 fragrances sell year after year, and everyone is bound to love at least most of them!  I personally recommend Black Raspberry Vanilla, Perfectly Pomegranate, White Tea & Cactus, or Welcome Home!

Why place different fragrances throughout your home?  The effects of scent begin to wear off as your *sense* of smell gets used to a certain fragrance.  By placing different fragrances throughout your home, a potential buyer’s sense of smell is continually working, and reminding he/she just how much like HOME your house feels!

If you are a Realtor looking to use Scentsy products to aid in the selling of your clients’ homes and would like more information about my Real Estate Specials, please email me or fill out the form below.

Amber Rose - Independent Scentsy Family Director