Everyday Buy 5, Get 1 FREE Scentsy deals! Buy more, save more!

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If you’re like me – you love a great deal!  Especially when it comes to Scentsy products!

Did you know that Scentsy offers Buy 5, Get 1 FREE deals everyday?  Your favorite products, at an amazing price – now that’s a Scentsy deal!  The best part – you can choose up to 6 different scents to build your 6-Pack!

*Please note, all prices are listed in US Dollars. Click either the image or 6-Pack title to visit my site, and choose your country in the top right corner to view other prices.

 Scentsy Bar 6-Pack $25. You save $5!


Travel Tin 6-Pack $25. You save $5!


Scent Circle 6-Pack $15. You save $3!


Room Spray 6-Pack $40. You save $8!


Solid Perfume 6-Pack $90. You save $18!


Washer Whiffs 6-Pack $60. You save $12!


Dryer Disks 6-Pack (12 Disks) $35. You save $7!


Hand Soap 6-Pack $30. You save $6!


Shower Gel 6-Pack $45. You save $9!


Shower Cream 6-Pack $60. You save $12!


Bath Tablets 6-Pack (30 Tablets) $50. You save $10!


Hand Cream 6-Pack $30. You save $6!


Body Lotion 6-Pack $50. You save $10!


Body Butter 6-Pack $60. You save $12!


Body Spray 6-Pack $40. You save $8!


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