Join Scentsy as one of the FIRST Consultants in Australia or Mexico! FAQ

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 Enrollment is now OPEN!

Join Scentsy team Global LumineScents today by visiting , select your country, and follow the online instructions for completing your enrollment process.  I’m available through Facebook, email, iMessage and I’m here for any questions that you have while enrolling!

Once your enrollment is complete, I’ll be sending you an email with important information and we’ll get your training started!


The opportunities offered by Scentsy are absolutely the best – and now YOU can be part of the excitement!

Starting September 1st, 2013, Scentsy will be enrolling new Consultants in both Australia AND Mexico!  This is the perfect time to get your business started and lead the way for Scentsy Success!  The BEST news?  You will be able to build your clientele from the scratch – no one in these countries has purchased Scentsy before now!  These are two brand new markets, with unlimited potential!

Did I mention that full-time support, mentoring, and training will be provided for you?!  I work hard to make sure you have all of the tools needed for success, on top of the provided training videos and information through Scentsy’s Home Office!

Here’s a quick overview of country-specific FAQ!



Starter Kit Costo: $1,799 (MXN)

Nave de productos de: Coppell, TX, EE.UU.

If you want more information on how to become one of the first consultants in Mexico, please send to me an email or click HERE for more details!
Click HERE to join on September 1st!

Si desea más información sobre cómo convertirse en uno de los primeros Consultores en México, por favor envíeme un correo electrónico o haga clic aquí para más detalles!



 Starter Kit Cost: $139 (AUD)

Products Ship From: Distribution center within Australia

If you want more information on how to become one of the first consultants in Australia, please send to me an email or click HERE for more details!
Click HERE to join on September 1st!

Discontinued Scentsy fragrances – is your favorite on the list? Order today – gone tomorrow!

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Reality is sinking in, and there are only a few more hours to order these Scentsy fragrances (Bars, Sprays, Circles, Layers, everything…)!  If your favorite is on the list, be sure to stock up while you can – plus everything is 10% off, who needs a better reason to do some shopping?!  Be sure to contact me to hear about my end of the month specials, and place your order through my February 10% Off party!

  • Amalfi Coast – A warm afternoon in a sun-drenched Italian citrus grove: sparkling pomelo, white grapefruit, Capri lime.
  • Amber Road – Open a box of treasure, hand-picked from exotic lands, to discover glowing red cedar and resinous incense.
  • Autumn Sunset – Apples, pumpkins, fall leaves, and spices – a top-ten fragrance.
  • Be Still – Unwind as light mandarin, soft violet petals, and creamy sandal tree envelop your senses and quiet your mind.
  • Black Ruby – Juicy plum, black cherry, and sparkling persimmon, with untamed vanilla — a luminous, deep fragrance.
  • Buckleberry – A bite of summer’s bounty: bursting fresh berries atop a buttery blanket of crumbly coffeecake.
  • Central Park Pralines – A decadent confection of rich roasted pecans, buttery caramel, and cinnamon sugar.
  • Cerise – An embrace of cherry blossom, fresh plum, and soft white blooms warmed by golden vanilla.
  • Christmas Cottage – A cozy, inviting blend of Valencia oranges, raspberries, cloves, and spices.
  • Cinnamon Bear – Crisp, spicy cinnamon, reminiscent of Red Hots candy, with a touch of cloves.
  • Cinnamon Vanilla – Inviting blend of vanilla beans, cinnamon, coconut, and cassia.
  • Clove & Cinnamon – Classic scent of cinnamon sticks fused with cloves.
  • Cozy Fireside – Warm spice notes with zesty ginger and cinnamon.
  • Dominica – Plump purple plums nestled with fresh nutmeg, spicy cinnamon, and undertones of rich oak.
  • Dulce de Leche – A silky-sweet golden custard of sugary caramel, rich cream, and just a touch of warm vanilla.
  • Echo – Sophisticated, metropolitan fragrance of manly spice notes, Mediterranean citrus and herbs, and bitter orange.
  • Enchanted Mist – Romantic blend of juicy apples, enhanced and sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmine.
  • Eskimo Kiss – Blackberry jam, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla, and amber in a softly romantic scent.
  • Festival of Trees – Dance in a forest of evergreens as fir needles fall amongst aromatic white cedar and musk, with a wintry whisper of citrus.
  • Frosted Ginger Cookie – Chewy brown sugar cookie spiked with warming ginger and fragrant vanilla.
  • Hazelnut Latte – Frothy steamed milk, toasted hazelnuts, espresso, and vanilla with a dusting of cinnamon.
  • Hemingway – Rich, ripe apples and warm, woody accents of sandalwood and cedar with hints of spice.
  • Hendrix – Rock and roll with an electrifying blend of earthy patchouli, glowing sandalwood, and bold pink pepper, harmonized with sweet tobacco flower.
  • Honey Pear Cider – The scent of pure autumn bliss — fresh, juicy pear and sweet honey together with subtle hints of spices.
  • Iced Pine – As refreshing as a walk through newly fallen snow: green fir and pine, kissed by icy peppermint.
  • Mediterranean Spa – Relax with this smooth, fresh, and breezy scent.
  • Midnight Fig – Earthy, ripened figs and golden berries tempered by musky woods will open your eyes and captivate your senses.
  • Pumpkin Marshmallow – Sticky, sweet marshmallow spooned onto fresh-baked pumpkin and wrapped in a graham cracker crust.
  • Pumpkin Roll – Creamy pumpkin pie filling, surrounded with yellow cake, pecans, butter and spice.
  • Silver Bells – Minty candy canes dance over warm and welcoming winter pear, all enveloped in a velvety blanket of caramel and vanilla sugar.
  • Snowberry – A luscious blend of loganberry, strawberry, peppermint, and zesty cinnamon.
  • Titanium – The clean, earthy smell of the forest after rain — aromatic herbs and cool cedar wood, with lustrous silver birch.
  • Vanilla Cream – French vanilla with a touch of coconut milk.
  • Whiteout – Exhilarating blast of cool peppermint and sweet, golden apple, over frosty winter pine.

Top Selling Scentsy Fragrance products for December 2012!

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The following are the top-selling products for Scentsy Fragrance for December 2012. Click on each product to be taken directly to my ordering site!

Christmas Cottage
Iced Pine
Cinnamon Bear
Apple Press

Odor Out
Clean Breeze
Christmas Cottage
Black Raspberry Vanilla

Weathered Leather
Clean Breeze
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Sunkissed Citrus

Comfy Cozy


Tea Rose

Weathered Leather
Clean Breeze
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Sweet Pea & Vanilla
Perfectly Pomegranate

• Jumpin’ Jelly Bean (not currently available for purchase)
Rio Beach
My Dear Watson
Just Breathe

Ollie the Elephant
Roarbert the Lion
Ribbert the Frog
Scratch the Cat
Barnabus the Bear

Baby Lenny the Lamb
Baby Mollie the Monkey
Baby Patch the Dog
Baby Ollie the Elephant
Baby Ribbert the Frog

Newborn Nursery
Sweet Pea & Vanilla
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Clean Breeze
Vanilla Cream

Love Story
Enchanted Mist
Lucky in Love
Simply Irresistible

Sugar Cookie
Love Story
Lucky in Love

Sugar Cookie
Love Story
Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love
Love Story
Enchanted Mist
Sugar Cookie

French Lavender
Lucky in Love
Love Story
Skinny Dippin’

Sugar Cookie
Love Story
Lucky in Love
Skinny Dippin’

Sunkissed Citrus
Sugar Cookie
Coconut Lemongrass
White Tea & Cactus

Lucky in Love
Love Story
Sugar Cookie
Skinny Dippin’

Route 66
Lucky in Love
Love Story

Sunkissed Citrus
French Lavender
Coconut Lemongrass

French Lavender
Sunkissed Citrus
Coconut Lemongrass

2013 Scentsy Fragrance Charitable Cause Warmer: Forget-Me-Not, benefiting @FisherCenter & @AlzSociety! #AlzheimerResearch

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This week, Scentsy Fragrance unveiled the brand new Spring/Summer 2013 Charitable Cause Warmer: Forget-Me-Not.

Proceeds from the Forget-Me-Not warmer will benefit the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation in the United States and the Alzheimer Society in Canada.


Currently, one in eight older Americans have Alzheimer’s, affecting 54 percent of families. It is estimated that by midcentury, 16 million Americans will suffer from this disease if a cure is not found. In Canada, 747,000 people are living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia — and that number is expected to rise to 1.4 million by 2031.

The Forget-Me-Not warmer will be available for purchase starting March 1, 2013. Stay tuned to, I will be posting photos of the Forget-Me-Not warmer on February 1, 2013!

To learn more about Scentsy’s charitable cause products and other philanthropic programs, visit

Recap of #Scentsy #SFC2012 New Products!

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If you missed any of my blog updates last week, and would like a quick run-down of all the important new Product announcements, here they are! 🙂

(3) *NEW* Silhouette Warmer Wraps in Downtown, Chickadee, and Castille.

*NEW* Premium Full-Size Warmers

·        Baby Grand

·        Bandeau

·        Coastline

·        Nile

·        Riga

*NEW* Hero Collection Warmers in EMT and Canadian Royal Mounted Police

*NEW* Charitable Cause Warmer: Champion, for Special Olympics.

*NEW* Full-Size Warmers

·        Corinth

·        Corten

·        Palette

·        Grigio

·        Turret

·        Porta

·        Zingana

*NEW* Warmer Stands in Web and Flower

*NEW* Premium Mid-Size Warmers

·        Anvil

·        Tillia

*NEW* Mid-Size Warmers

·        Durango

*NEW* Plug-Ins

·        Pinon

·        Leopard

·        Crinkle

·        Plumage

·        Strata

·        Silvervine

*NEW* Buddies Wellington the Duck and Barnabas the Bear added to the collection.

*NEW* Fragrances

  • Buckleberry:  A bite of summer’s bounty; bursting fresh berries atop a buttery blanket of crumbly coffeecake.
  • Dulce de Leche:  A silky-sweet golden custard of sugary caramel, rich cream, and just a touch of warm vanilla.
  • Frosted Ginger Cookie:  Chewy brown sugar cookie spiked with warming ginger and fragrant vanilla.
  • Iced Pine:  As refreshing as a walk through newly fallen snow:  green fir and pine, kissed by icy peppermint.
  • Apple Press:  The smell of crisp fall days:  crunchy apples, juicy pears, and just a hint of the last full roses of the summer.
  • French Toast:  A perfect, light slice of bread dunked in golden egg batter, dusted with powdered sugar, and finished with a swirl of sweet maple sugar.
  • Ace:  Definitely unexpected:  tangerine, and lavender enrobed in dark chocolate and sweet, musky amber.
  • Zephyr: Woody French lavender, buttery suede, and rich woods in a strong and sensuous fragrance.
  • Garden of Love:  A secret garden of night blooming magnolia and earthy musk interwoven with mossy green grass.
  • Sheer Innocence:  Sweet and youthful:  lush orchid, green freesia, and wild violet infused with a trace of spicy ginger.
  • Transcendence:  Take a deep, cleansing breath of soothing peppermint, crisp apple, deep green cypress, and brisk eucalyptus.
  • Dominica:  Plump purple plums nestled with fresh nutmeg, spicy cinnamon, and undertones of rich oak.
  • Fall/Winter category of scents includes MANY returning favorites.. here’s the lineup:  Black Ruby, Buckleberry, Central Park Pralines, Cinnamon Bear, Cinnamon Vanilla, Clove & Cinnamon, Cozy Fireside, Dulce de Leche, Eskimo Kiss, Frosted Ginger Cookie, Honey Pear Cider, Iced Pine, Silver Bells, Snowberry, and Whiteout.
  • Returning holiday scents appearing in the Holiday Catalog:  Pumpkin Roll, Pumpkin Marshmallow, Christmas Cottage, and Festival of Trees.

*NEW* Scent Pak offerings:  Black Ruby, Happy Birthday, Lemon Coconut Chiffon, and Linger.  Also available in 37 other fragrances.

*NEW* Fragrance Foam offerings:  Hemingway, Honey Pear Cider, Mediterranean Spa, Route 66, and Sunkissed Citrus.  Also available in 19 other fragrances.

*NEW* Travel Tin offerings:  Amber Road, Be Still, Black Ruby, Hendrix, Honey Pear Cider, Linger, Luna, RU N2 Me, Snowberry, Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Suede.  Also available in 26 other fragrances.

*NEW* Layers Bath Tablets.

*NEW* Layers Hand Soap.

*NEW* Layers Fragrance offerings:  Awakening, Be Still, French Lavender, Linger, Lucky in Love, Route 66, RU N2 Me, Satin Sheets, Simply Irresistible, Skinny Dippin’, Sunkissed Citrus, Vanilla Suede, White Tea & Cactus, and Zeppelin.

*NEW* Washer Whiff and Dryer Disk fragrances:  French Lavender and Sunkissed Citrus.

One Day Left to order #Scentsy #BBMB!

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Good Monday morning, everyone!

Well, it sure seems as though July has flown by!  All month long you have been hearing about the 20 discontinued Scentsy scents that have been available, and now is your last chance to place an order before this scents are once again gone!

To order, visit my website here: Bring Back My Bar.

Be sure to read my Blog Post from last night!  I posted the list of scents that will be discontinued after August 31st!  I know there are quite a few scents on that list that are some of MY favorites!  Be sure to stock up before they, too, are gone!  Plus, at 10% off, there is no excuse to go without you favorite scents! 🙂

AND, don’t forget that August is the PERFECT month to join my Scentsy team!  For the same Starter Kit price of $99, you will receive the Tester Kit for BOTH Spring/Summer AND Fall/Winter, as well as catalogs for both seasons!  Email me at and let’s get you ready to start with this amazing company! 🙂