Everyday Buy 5, Get 1 FREE Scentsy deals! Buy more, save more!

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If you’re like me – you love a great deal!  Especially when it comes to Scentsy products!

Did you know that Scentsy offers Buy 5, Get 1 FREE deals everyday?  Your favorite products, at an amazing price – now that’s a Scentsy deal!  The best part – you can choose up to 6 different scents to build your 6-Pack!

*Please note, all prices are listed in US Dollars. Click either the image or 6-Pack title to visit my site, and choose your country in the top right corner to view other prices.

 Scentsy Bar 6-Pack $25. You save $5!


Travel Tin 6-Pack $25. You save $5!


Scent Circle 6-Pack $15. You save $3!


Room Spray 6-Pack $40. You save $8!


Solid Perfume 6-Pack $90. You save $18!


Washer Whiffs 6-Pack $60. You save $12!


Dryer Disks 6-Pack (12 Disks) $35. You save $7!


Hand Soap 6-Pack $30. You save $6!


Shower Gel 6-Pack $45. You save $9!


Shower Cream 6-Pack $60. You save $12!


Bath Tablets 6-Pack (30 Tablets) $50. You save $10!


Hand Cream 6-Pack $30. You save $6!


Body Lotion 6-Pack $50. You save $10!


Body Butter 6-Pack $60. You save $12!


Body Spray 6-Pack $40. You save $8!


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It’s a Darling Double Deal! BOGO Scentsy Solid Perfume during February! <3

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Do you start your morning with a spray or dab of perfume?! Have I got a deal for you this month!

Scentsy Layers Solid Perfume is now Buy One, Get One FREE for the month of February!  This Darling Double Deal allows you to choose one free Solid Perfume when you purchase one at full price – awesome, right?!

Best of all – Scentsy Solid Perfume is in a stick, so you can even throw it in your purse or bag for a quick “pick me up” during the middle of the day!  No more worrying about a perfume bottle leaking – your valuables are safe with our Solid Perfume!

Did I mention that this comes in 20 of your favorite Scentsy fragrances?!  That’s enough to change-up your fragrance signature almost each day of the month – at least once every work day 😉  Of course, this totally depends on your mood – but with the new BOGO deal, why not take a leap and try something new! 😀

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Happy February 1st!