What comes in the Scentsy Starter Kit?

Joining Scentsy can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! As a Scentsy Fragrance Consultant, you’ll have the chance to earn extra income while enjoying flexible hours and the satisfaction of connecting people with products you believe in.

When you sign up, Scentsy will send you a Starter Kit for only $99.* Your Starter Kit includes everything you need to hold your first party and launch a successful Scentsy business, including catalogs and other business materials, demonstration products, and a full set of scent testers. All you need to add is your love of Scentsy products and a passion to share them with others! *Plus local tax and shipping. Contents may vary.

The Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit currently comes with (the specific warmer, etc. is subject to change):

Full Party Tester Set
1 Scent Pak
2 Scentsy Bars
2 Layers by Scentsy Products
1 Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM
2 Scentsy Laundry Layers Products
Scentsy Starter Kit Tray
Scentsy Showcase Brochure (25)
Scentsy Quick Start Guide
Scentsy Product List (1 pad, 52 sheets)
Scentsy Print your Own Labels Sheet (52 labels)
Scentsy Host/Join Brochure (25)
Scentsy Host Envelope (25)
Scentsy Family Consultant Guide
Scentsy Party Invitations (100)
Scentsy Catalogs (25)
Scentsy Customer Order Forms (100)
Scentsy Category Cards Fall/Winter 2013
Discover Scentsy Family DVD

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