Why using Scentsy in your business makes scents – AND profit!

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The strongest sense tied to memory is smell.

You walk into your grandmother’s house to that familiar scent and you are immediately taken back to great memories from the past.  You walk into an elevator and you immediately catch a whiff of someone’s perfume that instantly reminds you of your mom.  We have all had these experiences, and many more just like them.  So, what does this have to do with using Scentsy in your business?  Everything.

I give you: Scent Marketing, Scentsy style!  Scent is the only sense that bypasses the rational part of a consumer’s brain to tap directly into their emotions.  By using the right fragrance in the air, on letterhead, and even on your employees (Layers by Scentsy Body Spray), you can make your customers feel relaxed, energized, safe, young or sexy – all of which can lead to trust, and result in higher sales.

Scentsy products are perfect for all business owners wanting to incorporate this powerful marketing style into their Supermarket, Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel, Healthcare Facility, Retail Store, Fitness Establishment, Bank, and even non-profit office!  And, if you are a Realtor, using scents in homes you are showing is proven to lead to faster sales!


Set-up a Scentsy Warmer (click to visit ordering site) in your business, place two cubes of a Scentsy Bar into the warmer lid, and smell the sweet scent of success!!!

So, you’re ready to start, but which fragrance(s) should you choose?  Here are the most commonly used scent notes:

  • Vanilla: Vanilla evokes a feeling of youth and relaxation. Consumers become more open to larger purchases when they are relaxed.
    Scentsy Fragrances (click to order): Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sweet Pea & Vanilla, Satin Sheets, Simply Vanilla
  • Wood: The smell of Wood points to going back to the basics and being at one with nature.  Consumers looking to purchase outdoor recreational products will have a sense of already being in the outdoors.
    Scentsy Fragrances (click to order): Heartbreaker(available Sept. 1), Quiver, Zephyr 
  • Fruit: Summertime and fruit go hand-in-hand.  These scents will help consumers feel more open-minded and happy!
    Scentsy Fragrances (click to order): Perfectly Pomegranate, Camu Camu, Havana Cabana, Kahiko Hula, Paradise Punch
  • Leather: When consumers smell leather, they are overcome with a sense of trustworthiness and high value.  Banks, Lawfirms, Luxury Car Dealerships, and Fine Furniture stores should use Leather scents in their business.
    Scentsy Fragrances (click to order): Weathered Leather, Vanilla Suede
  • Peppermint/Citrus: Peppermint and Citrus create a sense of alertness in consumers, as these fragrances “wake up” their senses.
    Scentsy Fragrances (click to order): Transcendence
  • Apple: If your business is in a small space, the use of Apple scents can help the consumer to perceive the space as bigger than it really is.  This is great for business owners just getting started, who are unable to lease or rent a larger space immediately.
    Scentsy Fragrances (click to order): Apple Press, Enchanted Mist (available Sept. 1), Mellow Moment (available Sept. 1)
  • Baked Goods: Not only does the aroma of fresh Baked Goods make consumers hungry and buy more at restaurants, this is also the perfect type of fragrance for Realtors to use when they are showing houses and properties.  There’s something about walking into a home and smelling something baking – it just feels like home!
    Scentsy Fragrances (click to order): Sugar Cookie, Buckleberry (available Sept. 1), Frosted Ginger Cookie (available Sept. 1), Corner Cafe Collection fragrances
  • Floral/Citrus: Want consumers to feel at ease, spend more time browsing your products, and eventually buy more?  Using a Floral/Citrus combination puts the consumer into an open mindset, great for antique stores and consignment shops.
    Scentsy Fragrances (click to order): Route 66, Luna, White Tea & Cactus, A Wink & A Smile
  • Powder: Feelings of safety, security, and nostalgia are brought upon consumers when they smell Powdery scents.  Maternity Stores, Baby Goods Stores, Funeral Homes, Bed & Breakfasts, and Assisted Living Facilities are perfect candidates for a Powder fragrance.
    Scentsy Fragrances (click to order): Newborn Nursery, Satin Sheets, Luna, Awakening

If you are considering using Scentsy in your business, I would love to schedule a personal Fragrance Consultation.  During this Consultation, I will be able to assist you in choosing a signature scent for your business, as well as finding the perfect Warmer (or Warmers) to fit your business’ appearance and style.

Please CLICK HERE to visit my Contact Me page and I will reply to you within two hours.

Have a wonderfully warm and scented day!